Specialized network infrastructure implementation, VOIP phone system setup, video surveillance systems, VMware product support setup​​​​​​​

Network consulting, passive and active network support
Network installation, setup and maintenance of LAN, WAN network

Installation and operation of internal network Domain & Workstation

Audio and video transmission on a wireless platform

Transmission of audio and video on the Internet and intranet platform

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Our information technology unit is ready to provide all services in the fields of consulting, design, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, monitoring and support of IT projects, including data networks (copper, optical fiber, wireless), mass storage data centers. Information in the country is built with the highest standards of the world in the field of structured cabling and network.​​​​​​​​

Consultancy, design and specialized implementation of network infrastructure (active and passive)​​​​​​​

Setting up a VOIP phone system and connecting offices without paying a fee​​​​​​​

Consulting, designing, setting up and supporting networks based on Active Directory​​​​​​​

Installation of video surveillance systems​​​​​​​

Consulting, designing, launching and supporting VMware products

Providing solutions for storing and supporting information